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    h3 ملخص اسئلة ال setbook للثاني عشر

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    هذي ملخصات اسئلة ال setbook للثاني عشر الفصل الاول
    Set book Question – unit 2

    1-write two differences between weddings today and weddings in the past
    In the past Nodaway
    *it didn't cost much *it's very expensive
    *it lasted for many days * it lasts one day
    * Low dowry * I light dowry
    2- Write two similarities between weddings in the past and weddings today
    a) Henna decorations b) preparing much food and meal c) paying and dowry
    3- The groom in our Arabic societies has some obligations towards the bride mention two
    a) Paying a dowry b) buying shabkah c) preparing
    4- So many problems arose in society as a result of high dowry prices .mention two
    1- The young men stay single for a long time
    2- A lot of young men get married to foreign girls
    3- Some have to borrow money and get into debts.
    5- How can we solve (overcome) the problems arising from high dowry prices
    1- Providing the young men with marriage loans
    2- Making group weddings
    3- Issuing group weddings.
    -6-weddings cost a lot of money nowadays how? (Weddings are a waste of money. how?)
    a) People buy expensive wedding dresses.
    b) People buy a lot of gold
    c) People make expensive wedding parties
    7- Why do most people prefer making their wedding parties tents not hotels?
    1-to save money 2- they a c bigger and more comfortable
    -8-where do people usually make their wedding parties?
    1- Hotels 2- tents 3- wedding halls
    9- What procedures do you follow to open a bank account?
    - Fill in an application form -Deposit some money in the account
    10- Why do people need to have a bank account?
    - To get the salary. – To be able get loans.
    - To be able to keep their money in banks
    --11- What information should you write in an application form?
    Job - address - full name
    12- What are the basic pieces of information a deposit slip should contain
    Account number - the amount of money the name signature
    13- When do we have to fill in an application form?
    To get a visa card open an account to apply for a job
    14- How do banks attract (persuade) people or clients to get loans
    By: offering a lot of facilities like: Deferral / grace period / flat interest rate
    15- Why do people need to take loans from banks?
    To buy cars - to buy houses - to get married

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